Overcome Fear of Learning to Drive

Learning how to drive is a scary prospect that plagues a lot of people. But, life is truly inconvenient if you do not know how to drive. Of course there are cabs and public transport, but owning a car and driving from Point A to Point B can help save time, and money. Most importantly, it is your OWN vehicle. And so you need to try your very best to overcome fear of learning to drive.Though there is no rule that requires every person to own a car, you need to have a driving skill. Succumbing to your fear will eventually make you feel insecure, since your friends and colleagues are experts at driving.

Why learning to drive is scary

Every day, many vehicular accidents happen, and you can see it daily on the news, and even on social media. You often watch reports about drunk drivers and reckless drivers causing car collisions with careful drivers. Simply knowing that accidents can happen anytime whether you are careful or not adds to your phobia. And if you had a traumatic car experience in the past, your fear is reasonably intensified.

Aside from the horrors of car accidents, you may also be afraid of all the things that you need to learn in order to drive. You need to know everything about cars, their functionalities, gears, and the general inner workings. There are road rules to study, decoding the signs in the road, and anticipating what other drivers will do. All that can get too overwhelming for you, and the fear can drive you nuts.

And so to stop feeling sick to your stomach with fear, you simply stopped trying to learn how to drive. And that is definitely not the right decision.

How to overcome phobia of learning to drive

Not all people in the world know how to drive. There are even rich people who have a bunch of cars but they have never taken driving lessons. Many people hire drivers to take them wherever they want to go without the need to drive themselves. It would have been a different scenario if not learning to drive is a personal choice. But since you have a phobia, it is a different story. Your inability to learn due to fear is crippling, and it takes a huge blow to your self-confidence.And to overcome your anxiety of learning to drive, there are steps that you can engage in.

Skilled and people-person instructor

Hire a driving instructor who is known for being extremely skilled at driving. It is important to choose one who is a people-person, since you need someone who is warm and understanding. Avoid learning from an instructor who is all business and no fun. With your condition, you need a friendly yet exceptional teacher. You need someone who understands your fear and guides you through the process without losing the temper.

Learn everything necessary

Often, phobia of learning to drive comes from the fact that you are clueless to what is expected of you. You fear that your driving instructor will get annoyed since you know nothing about cars or driving. And though you are paying big bucks to learn, you are still expected to at least figure out the basics of driving.

To ensure that you have confidence in your driving lessons and cast away your fear, you must do your research. Fill your brain with basic information about cars and how they function. Check out the parts of a car and watch videos on driving. You must have a good foundation of driving in order to have a smooth transition from theories to actual driving.

Check out the benefits of driving

Driving is a necessary skill that brings forth many benefits. Find out the many advantages of driving your own car so your worries over learning are slowly replaced with excitement. By looking at the positive side of driving, you can gradually convince yourself that learning how to drive a car is greatly beneficial for you.

Benefits of acquiring driving skills

You need to overcome your anxiety in engaging in driving lessons so you can reap the benefits. Let us look at how your life can dramatically improve when you acquire the skill for driving.


When you know how to drive, you have flexibility of your schedule. You can schedule you time wisely without the need to wake up early to catch the bus or train, or to wait for a cab. You can go wherever you want to go, and stop whenever you like to. You do not have to share space with other passengers, or wait in line for a public transportation vehicle.

Freedom of travel

Knowing how to drive gives you the freedom to travel whenever you want, with whoever you want to be with. You can make a decision to go for a joyride on a whim, and no one can stop you. Simply gather your things and drive away. Plus, you can take your family or friends with you, without the hassle of looking for means of transport.

Career enhancement

If you have big dreams for your career, then you better learn how to drive a car. Career enhancement sometimes relies on your ability to go to different places by driving your car. And there are jobs that really require you to have a driver’s license.

Improvement of social life

Your social life can possibly be crippled if you do not know how to handle a car. You cannot always show up riding a cab, and it is always better to drive your own car to go to parties, or socialize.


Learning to drive a car boosts your self-esteem. Do not limit your movements by letting your fear win. Fight your weakness and emerge a winner from your battle with your anxiety. Remember all the good things that driving a car will do to your life. Set aside all the negative thoughts, and focus on the positive ones. If you cannot get over your fear of learning how to drive, then it is time to seek professional help. Never shy away from what can help you.

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