Overcome Fear of Driving up Steep Hills

Driving your car up a steep hill is extremely difficult if you have driving anxiety in this type of road. It is best to overcome fear of driving up steep hills in order to get to your desired destination. However, you would need to work extra hard to achieve your goals. The fact is, even the seasoned and no-anxiety drivers usually have difficult times driving up a steep road. This is especially true when the weather is stormy, rainy, or snowy. The good news is, there are ways to overcome your driving phobia. But before we discuss the methods, let us find out first what triggers driving anxiety.

What triggers driving phobia on steep hills?

A steep hill is definitely something to be afraid about, but since your fear is not ordinary, you experience symptoms of anxiety. By just looking at a steep hill, you tend to shale without realizing it, and you feel dizzy, nauseous, and sweating. This usually happens when you are gripped with too much fear of what could possibly happen when you drive your car uphill. It is certainly a nerve-wracking experience that can leave you paralyzed with “what ifs” going through your mind.

This kind of driving anxiety could be caused by a disturbing event that happened in the past. It could be a road accident on a steep hill, or something related to sloping heights. It is quite normal for you to feel that your control is slipping away when you have this type of anxiety. And in many cases, the fear of driving uphill is accelerated with the fact that your whole family is with you in the car.

Fearing of an accident is too high, so you fail to function and end up going back in order to avoid the steep hill. But, you cannot run from a hill road forever. At some point, you need to face your fear and drive your car through the steepness of the road.

How to win the fight against driving fear on steep hills

The fear of driving uphill actually has a name, and that is bathmophobia. It is a driving phobia that is associated with the fear of hills or slopes, and you are attacked by this deep fear even you are still far from the incline. You should consider asking for professional help in order to get rid of this condition. However, there are also steps that you can do to help yourself.

Determine the cause of fear

You can never get over your uphill driving phobia if you cannot pinpoint the source of your distress. Think real hard as to when this condition started, and caused it. By knowing the cause of your fear, you can arm yourself with the knowledge on how to defeat your anxiety. When you conquer your fear, you can start driving uphill without worrying about a lot of things that can go wrong.

Review road rules

The road rules in highways or street roads in the city vary from the rules you need to follow when you are driving uphill. The road in the hills or slopes can be dangerous to drive through, and so there are many things that you need to know before you drive. It is crucial to review the rules properly, especially since you have phobia in driving up a steep hill. In knowing the rules, your anxiety can be reduced, since you know that you are in the safe side.

Practice, practice, and practice

It is so easy for people to say to face your fear of driving uphill, but it is very hard to do. However, it is actually the best thing to do. By facing your driving fear, you are summoning the courage to fight your demons.And what you need to do to face your phobia head-on is to practice driving on a small hill. Keep practicing until you can gain control of your whole system. Once you are confident that you can handle small hills, move on to steep hills. Remember to keep your wits when you drive, and focus on the task at hand. If you are still nervous what is able to go through driving a steep hill, then you are getting progress. Continue to practice on steep hills, and soon enough you will no longer fear for your life as soon as you see a steep hill ahead.

Engage in therapy

Another effective method to overcome your anxiety over driving uphill is to see a therapist. It is always ideal to engage in therapy since the doctor you will be speaking to is highly trained in dealing with your condition. You have access to a wealth of knowledge and treatment that you can do to eliminate your burden. Your therapist will guide you through the process of facing your fears and taking the plunge of fighting your demons. And though you need to spend considerable amount of money, the therapy is worth every penny.

Tips for driving uphill

Let us look at some tips in driving uphill

  • Make sure you are trained for driving uphill.
  • Do breathing exercises before you drive uphill.
  • Check your fuel, brakes, and gears.
  • Maintain the condition of your car at all times.
  • Follow all rules in driving in steep hills.
  • Do not exceed the speeding limit for uphill roads.
  • Focus on the uphill road, and not on negative thoughts.
  • Relax, keep calm, and trust in your driving skills.


Every individual in this world is scared of something. It could be heights, sharks, ghosts, love, and other things. And being afraid of driving up a steep hill is a phobia that many people are suffering from. It is not something to be ashamed about or hide. With proper practice, strong will, superior determination, and efficient mental reconditioning, you can overcome your driving fear in steep hills. You just need to trust in yourself and regain the control of your mental and physical state.

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