Overcome Fear of Driving Over a Bridge

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A bridge is a magnificent creation that is extremely durable and reliable. Many people relish the thought of crossing a bridge, while many are afraid to cross one. In this post, we talk about how to overcome fear of driving over a bridge.

Bridge driving phobia

Insensitive people thinks that fear of driving over bridges is not real, and those experiencing this is only acting out. But how can anyone possibly fake fear? Unless you are a world-renowned actor, your anxiety when crossing a bridge with your car is absolutely well-founded. In fact, this kind of fear has a name, and that is “gephyrophobia”.

Gephyrophobia is a specific phobia or anxiety disorder that centers on the fear of bridges.This condition limits your transportation destination, since you most likely avoid roads or location that requires you to cross a bridge. And as a result, you are too afraid to drive your car over a bridge, no matter how important it is for you to cross.

The driving phobia over bridges is often caused by irrational fear of accidents, like falling off the bridge, or the bridge falling down. Your distress can be caused by a personal bridge accident or it could be an effect of watching too much disaster shows. Whatever the underlying reasons are for fearing driving above bridges, you must do your best to overcome this condition.

Who suffers from the fear of driving over a bridge?

Driving over a bridge can cause panic to many people. But what you need to understand is that fear is not inborn. You were not born with this condition, but rather, it is caused by an accumulation of events that you may not be aware of. It could be an effect of a traumatic incident in a bridge in your past, or from an acquired fear of heights. The reason may also be your fascination of shows regarding destructive bridges, which led you to fear that bad things can truly happen when you cross a bridge.

Phobia for bridge driving can happen to you at any stage of your life. It can happen to anyone without excuse, and usually this kind of anxiety occurs in people less than 40 years old. And if untreated, this kind of phobia can last for a lifetime. Luckily, you can overcome this condition without digging into your pockets.

How to get over your bridge driving fear

It is ideal to consult an expert regarding your distress at driving above bridges. But if money is tight or you simply do not have spare time to make and keep doctor appointments, then we can definitely help you. Let us look at the steps to help yourself overcome your anxiety of bridge driving.

Walk on the bridge

First of all, you should know that you can have fear of bridges without having phobia of driving, and vice versa. However, the fear of driving over a bridge is a specific phobia that may not have anything to do with driving alone, but with both driving and a bridge.

Before you can overcome your greatest fear, you need to face the bridge first. On a time of day where the sun does not scorch the skin, inspire yourself to cross a short bridge on foot. It is quite normal to feel agitated and nervous, but keep going and try to calm your panicky state. Once you reached the other side of the bridge, come back to where you started. Repeat the process until you are certain that you can handle crossing with confidence.

Be a passenger

Once you can cross a bridge by walking, you should proceed to the next step. Ask a friend to drive your car over a bridge while you are on the passenger seat. Get a hold of yourself and keep calm while your car crosses the bridge. Start with a short bridge first, then move on to a longer one. Repeat this method over and over until you can feel that you no longer see the bridge as an enemy.

Drive with companion

After your passenger experience, it is time for you to drive your vehicle over a bridge. Reverse position with your companion, and now you are on the driver’s side. Drive your car over a short bridge first to test the waters, per se. Go over the small bridge over and over until you can feel no anxiety about what you are doing. When you are comfortable with a short bridge, go to a long bridge and drive confidently over it.

Drive on your own

When you are done with baby steps, it is time to venture on your own. You need to drive your car alone without a passenger over a bridge of your choosing. For good measure, you can ask your companion to drive another car and stay behind you while you attempt to cross the bridge. Keep it slow and first, and find your rhythm as you gain more confident with your driving skills. And when you are finally free of your fear of driving above a bridge, let your companion go home and go on practicing on your own.

Tips on driving over a bridge

They say that “practice means perfect”, and that is true when it comes to overcoming your fear of bridge driving.And we also have some tips for you.

  • Never drive fast when you are on a bridge.
  • Refrain from making or receiving phone calls while driving.
  • Stay clear of alcohol or caffeine when driving over a bridge.
  • Watch the bridge very carefully at all times.
  • Research about the durability of an unfamiliar bridge before you cross.


Do not let your fear of driving over a bridge paralyze your system, as well as put a stop to your dreams. Fight your condition and take the necessary steps to move on. If in case you cannot get rid of your bridge anxiety alone, remember to seek professional help.

BeatDrivingAnxiety.com highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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