Overcome Fear of Driving on Highway

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Driving is supposed to be a fun experience.In fact, you bought a car for the purpose of convenience, so you no longer need to ride a cab or bus anymore. But, to your horror, you experience fear of driving when you are on the highway. Though you can effectively drive on small roads within your community, you get a scare when you bring your car to the highway. This is a terrible situation for you, and it is important to find ways to overcome fear of driving on highway.

Symptoms of fear of driving on highway

Fear of driving is called driving phobia, and it is also known as vehophobia. This condition is mostly caused by anxiety, and at times the fear makes you stay at home and not drive anymore. Before you can find a solution to your dilemma, you need to be clear of the symptoms first. You know that you have fear of driving when you sweat, tremble, become disillusioned, lose control, or have an abnormally fast pulse when sitting behind a wheel. The symptoms occur whenever you are driving on a highway, no matter how safe the road is. Even if you are the only car on the highway, you still experience overwhelming fear of driving.

Causes of driving phobia on highway

There are many reasons why you have a phobia of driving on highways. Let us discuss the three primary explanations.

Traumatic highway experience

Your fear of highway driving could have stemmed from a traumatic road accident where you are involved. This is quite a normal reaction especially if the accident happened recently. But, road accidents with serious consequences often leave a mark that result in a phobia to drive on highway.

Specific phobia

If you have a specific phobia of driving on a highway, then you have an anxiety disorder. It is a condition where you are unreasonably scared of something, like highways.

Agoraphobia extension

Your phobia to drive on a highway could be an extension of your agoraphobia. It is a disorder that makes you panic whenever you are in the crowd. And in the case of driving, you may think of people inside the cars as crowds on the highway.

How to overcome phobia of driving on highway

It is not easy to have fear of driving on highway, plus it is not convenient. The good news is you can overcome your fear through different tested and proven methods.

Behavior therapy

One of the most popular treatments of driving phobia is behavior therapy that focuses on systematic desensitization. This therapy includes exposure therapy that deals with anxiety disorder, wherein you will be exposed to the object of your fear. It also involves relaxation techniques, where you will be guided on how to achieve ultimate calmness in driving on a highway. In behavior therapy, you face your fears. You get acquainted with the highway and learn to stay calm while driving.

Professional driving class

Sometimes, the fear of driving stems from the fact that you never got a professional driving lesson. You may have learned how to drive through your parents or older siblings, but never enrolled in driving classes. In order to gain more confidence in driving in four lane highways and share the main road with hundreds of vehicles, you should take professional driving classes. Doing so will uplift your spirits and provide you all the necessary knowledge to drive on highways.

Virtual therapy

Virtual therapy is an innovative method to treat phobia of driving. This technique uses VR technology, where you are exposed to highways through digitally created environment. You are exposed to the highways through virtual reality, and so you sit in the doctor’s office and get familiar with the object of your phobia.

Breathing exercises

In order to overcome your driving phobia, you should learn deep breathing techniques. By controlling how you breathe, you can reach a relaxed state of mind. By deep breathing, you are calming yourself while you are on the highway. And when you are calm, you are more effective in your driving.


Yoga is known to provide balance in your life in terms of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical. Once you have achieved optimum balance in your life, you can easily let go of your frustrations, hang-ups, and fears. This technique helps you gain more confidence in your ability to drive safely on highways, since you are more at ease with your body.

Listening to music

Music has a way to calm even the most restless drivers. Gather your favorite music and equip your car with your preferred audio. When you listen to music while driving on a highway, your mind relaxes, which leads to the relaxation of your body. And when your whole system is calm, your fear of driving will eventually dissipate.

Have a companion

It is better to have someone you trust with you while you are driving. Having a companion means that there is someone who can calm you down when the symptoms of your condition starts to emerge. While you are in the process of overcoming your driving phobia, have an excellent driver ride with you. This helps you gain confidence in your driving since you have a reliable companion who will bring you to your senses when you panic.


The road to overcoming your driving fear is not a walk in the park.It takes extended patience and strong will to go on in order to get rid of your phobia of driving on highways.There are many known techniques to help you resolve your problem, but it all boils down to your mental and emotional health.
If you are sincerely serious about overcoming your fear, you must get your life in order. Let go of your insecurities, regrets, and pain, since they are contributing factors of your fear of driving on highways. And if you have been traumatized in the road before, you need to learn to let go.

BeatDrivingAnxiety.com highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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