Overcome Fear of Driving in the Rain

What is your biggest fear? It could be the fear of spiders, heights, ghosts and even driving. Speaking of fear of driving, it is commonly known as ‘vehophobia’. Your mind constantly thinks of all the negative things that could happen to you on the road. You fear that your car may break down, you might lose your way or end up in an accident. It is also possible that you think that your car might slip due to rain. Firstly, you must know that it is humane to be fearful. The existence of fears make us a responsible human being. You can overcome fear of driving in the rain through a number of ways!

While some would make fun of your fear, but the truth is that driving in rain condition is potentially dangerous. Millions of other people are undergoing the same feeling as yours. But, you must understand that just because there is fear in your mind, it does not meant that you must not drive in rainy weather.

Here’s an elaborate post that covers the tips to overcome fear of driving in the rain. Let’s get started!

Effective Solutions to Overcome The Fear Of Driving in Rainy Season

First of all, get rid of the thought that something bad is going to happen. A negative attitude or thinking is the biggest hindrance. Take the example of sky diving or river rafting, even though it is considered to be risky, but adventure junkies still do it. Even when people fear doing these adventurous activities, they will still do it anyway!

But, these activities are done for some thrill and adrenaline action. Driving in the rain is considered to be dangerous, but it does not have to be dangerous.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Get rid of distractions around you. If the radio is distracting you or the phone rings constantly, then just turn it off and keep it away. Stay focused and concentrate on driving! In today’s world, the youth is constantly fiddling with their phones. This puts their life in danger! When you are driving, your focus should be on the road and not what the radio jockey is saying. Quit picking the call which can be dealt with later on. Getting your attention off the road can put your life at risk.
  • Take your time and do not be in a rush. It is better to be late than sorry. This is what most of the banners say on the road. If you fear driving in the rain, you must know that accidents happen when you are not careful. Drive at a normal speed and focus on the road. If you feel that the roads are not in the best condition due to rainfall, call up your boss or wherever you have to be. They will surely understand the situation. Also, nothing is more important than your life. So, drive slowly when it is raining.
  • Make sure you choose a route where there are brightly lit street lights. Do not take a route which is poorly lit. As it is, it gets difficult to drive during rainy season. Drivers are not able to see the road clearly and taking a poorly-lit route is not free from danger. Just opt for a route that is safe, and has street lights.
  • Where does your fear come from? It is possible that you fear your car may break down and you would be stuck in rain. How about you ensure that your car is road-worthy? Clean the car head lights and ensure that the mirrors are sparkling clean. The windows and the windscreen should be clean and not scratched. Make sure the wiper is working properly. Even the brakes should work smoothly. Before starting, check the tires as well. They should not be flat and good for driving hundreds of miles.
  • Avoid the puddles or water holes on the road. These could be dangerous! While puddles are tempting for jumping purpose, but these could be a deep hole as well. Your car can get stuck in these puddles or water holes. That’s precisely why you should drive slow rather than driving 5-10 minutes quicker.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front. While it is raining, keeping a safe distance from other cars will reduce the chances of getting into an accident. Accidents during rainfall are extreme and one should be very careful!

Note – If you plan to head out with your car during a rainfall, share your location details with a loved one or colleague. They would know that you are on your way to some place! Make sure your phone is fully charged and never drink while driving. It is important to stay conscious while driving in the rain.

Concluding Thoughts

What is the best way to overcome your dear of driving in the rain? Majority of the people say that the best way to overcome your fear is to face them. Really? Trust your gut feeling and be safe. If you feel that the weather is extreme and you cannot handle the stress of driving in the rain, then do not force yourself. Sometimes, the weather is so extreme and ruthless that you have to think about your safety.

If the errand is not important, stay home or wherever you are. In case you feel that you want to overcome the fear and have to reach Point B urgently, then drive slowly and stay focused on the road.

Fear is good for your brain, but it should not be a permanent resident. Stay conscious, drive slowly and share your location details to be safe. Also, your fears and nightmares will come true only if you are not careful. If you are careful on the road, then there is nothing to worry about!

So, choose a safe speed limit and focus on the road. Put your phone on silent and take a route that is brightly lit. Happy driving!

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