Overcome Fear of Driving For Long Distances

‘Being scared is part of being alive. Accept it. Walk through it.’

Do you see the number of cars on the road? Everyone is investing in a good car because they want to climb the social ladder and it makes their life convenient as well. Some people go on a long drive for leisure and others find it romantic. However, there are some individuals who fear driving for long distances. It may sound uncanny but it is true that some individuals can get scared of driving all the way.

The question is – How to overcome fear of driving for long distances? Before we answer this question, it is important to understand as to why individuals have this fear of driving for long distances.

Here is an elaborate post that talks about fear of driving for long distances and how one can overcome it. The whole is to help you come out of the bubble of fear. Once you overcome the fear, it will be easier to travel long distances with your near and dear ones.

The Psychology Behind the Driving Fear

It is possible that you are not afraid of driving a vehicle, but you are not comfortable about driving all the way to a different city. You may have seen movies in which the lover drives far off distances to get back the love of his life. Your soul wants to experience thrill by going out for adventures, but the fear in your heart can be overwhelming.

What is the psychology behind the fear? Some people fear that they will fall asleep while driving. What if nobody is there to wake you up? This is one of the biggest fears of some drivers. When you are travelling far off distances, it is not possible to fall asleep. In case you did not get 8-10 hours of sleep at night, it will be difficult to drive without getting tired or sleepy.

Another reason for the fear is that you may be scared of losing your way. For example, a family is travelling 150 miles away and the purpose is to go on a holiday. What if they take the wrong route? The fear of losing your way sits inside your head. The next reason for the fear is that the driver may be scared of getting abducted.

It all depends on the place you are going to. If you are driving on a secluded road, someone may ask for help or a lift. Another major reason is the fear of accidents. It is also possible that you car may break down. What if you do not know how to change the tyre?

All of these reasons are in your head. As per us, the fear in your head is important. It keeps you on your toes and also makes you cautious. For example, you lock the doors of your home and install a CCTV camera to ensure that the family is secure. This is because you fear that your family may be in danger. When there is a sense of fear, we become more responsible and cautious.
Now let us move on to the tips on overcoming fear of driving for long distances.

How To Overcome Fear of Driving For Long Distances?

Every person should be solution-focused and not problem-focused. When there are fears inside your heart and head, you can overcome them by following few tips.

Plan Ahead of Time

In case long distance drives, you must schedule/plan the trip ahead of time. Let us say you are going 300 miles away. This is going to be a long drive! Hence, you must plan what all you want to carry with you and schedule sleep breaks as well.

You can overcome fear of driving for long distances by booking a hotel for overnight stay. You do not have to drive for several hours at a stretch. Book a decent motel that comes on the way and rest for few hours. This way you will not fall asleep while driving.

Plan a gas break in between and carry enough water with you. If there is an energy drink that helps you get through the night, then keep a few bottles. Basically, planning ahead of time can make driving less stressful. This way you do not have to worry about falling asleep while driving.

Keeping Someone Trusted in the Loop

When you are driving, make sure you drop a text to someone trusted. It could be your friends, family members or even a distant relative. It is possible that someone is waiting for you at the other end. Keep them informed about your whereabouts.

How does this help? The thought of someone knowing about your whereabouts can ease your mind. It is best to share your location with your loved ones. If you are in trouble, they can easily reach the address and save you from your problems.

Maps for Navigation

You might be alone while driving to a far-off place, but you can have some non-living companions such as a map. These days you have the digital map on your phone. Simply use the navigation to reach the final destination. Sometimes, the digital map could be misleading, especially when there is patchy network.

Before you start driving towards your destination, understand the road conditions and the route. You must always keep physical maps as well. This will help you to navigate when the network is patchy.

If you fear losing your way and reaching another destination, then it is best to carry physical maps. Else, you can take a screenshot of the route from the digital map.

Roadside Assistance

Get roadside assistance when your car breaks down. It is possible that you might end up in an accident. Whom do you call at such instances? Roadside assistance is necessary.

The fact that you will have an emergency number will put your mind at ease.

Words from the Wise

Take the expert’s suggestion and start early in the morning. It is best to catch 8-10 hours of sleep before starting. Once you leave early in the morning, you can cover most of the distance without feeling sleepy or lethargic.

In case the maps do not work, you can ask for directions. At night, it becomes difficult to ask for directions as roads get secluded. Always remember that fear is good because it instils a sense of responsibility and caution.

Be prepared for the long drive! You must keep everything ready and book an accommodation prior to the long drive. Once you follow all the above-mentioned tips, all your fears will go away sooner or later.

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