Overcome Fear of Driving at Night

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The convenience of driving in your own car is what inspires people to buy a car in the first place. You can go to wherever you want to go with a car, without waiting for a cab to pass by. However, if you cannot overcome fear of driving at night, your car may not need to stay in your garage and collect dust.

Facts about fear of driving at night

Truth be told, not all people believes in phobia of driving at night. Many people think that there is no such condition. But the fact is, the fear of driving at night actually has a term, and it is “nyctovehophobia”. It is a combination of “nyctophobia”, which is an excessive fear of darkness or night, and “vehophobia”, which is terror of driving.

Your distress in night driving is seriously affecting your life. You would need to drive your car when daylight comes, and must rush home before the sun sets. This could affect your social life, especially when your friends love to go out at night. And though you can always ride a taxi at night, nothing can beat driving your car.

How to overcome nyctovehophobia

The frustration you feel in your night driving phobia can only escalate your fear. Learn to calm your senses and be thankful that you can absolutely overcome this condition.

Practice driving at daylight

Often, your terror of night driving comes from the fact that you are not an expert driver. It is quite understandable that you have hesitations in maneuvering the road at night if you have deep fear that you may have an accident. To remedy this problem, you should give time to practice driving at daylight. It would help if you ask assistance from a professional driving instructor. Once you gain confidence in your driving, you can gradually put your fears to rest and start driving at night.

Drive at a well-lighted street at night

Train yourself to drive during the night. Start by driving with a friend at the passenger seat to help you relax. Choose a well-lighted area and start driving at night there. Practice at least three times a week, until your confidence in driving at night intensifies. Once you are fairly comfortable in driving under street lights at night, start to venture to darker roads. However, be careful not to overwhelm yourself. Drive in the darker side of the road for a few minutes only, slowly adding minutes as you continue to practice.

Tips on driving at night

The fear of night driving is a condition that can be treated by a professional. But if you have no time and budget to pour your heart out to a shrink, you can simply follow the two methods mentioned. On top of those, there are tips that we provide you in order to get rid of your terror at driving at night.

Slow driving

Make it a point to drive slowly at night. Leave work or home very early so you have the luxury of slow driving and not getting late for your night appointment.


Before you drive on an unfamiliar road at night, do your research and familiarize yourself online on the route you will take.

No alcohol

Never drink alcoholic drinks before you drive at night, or in daylight. Make sure that you are a hundred percent sober before you get on the wheel. Alcohol may give courage to some, but it is never a good idea for people with fear of driving condition.

No caffeine

Fear of driving at night is often caused by anxiety. Prevent the surge of distress in your mental state by avoiding caffeine before driving. If you cannot live without caffeine, try to consume some in the middle of the day, and drink lots of water. Remember that caffeine is found in coffee, chocolates, and other caffeinated foods.

Night vision system

Installing a night vision system on your car can help you overcome your fear.It is indeed scary to traverse the road at night, but with the help of this technology, you can clearly what is up ahead. And with this power and control, you can ebb away for anxiety of driving at night.

Regular maintenance

Keep your car regularly maintained in order to have the confidence and trust that you can avoid mechanical failures while driving at night. When you are completely sure that your car is in prime condition, your fear of driving dies down, albeit slowly.

Anti-glare glasses

Invest in high quality anti-glare sunglasses and wear the pair while driving. Sometimes, your distress in night driving is made worst with light hurting your eyes from other cars and street lights. Protect your eyes from the glare, and in doing so, you eliminate one discomfort in driving. When you feel utterly comfortable while managing the wheel, your anxiety over driving is reduced

Phone access

Your terror of driving at night can be lessened by knowing that if trouble comes, you have access to your phone. It is crucial to have the capability to contact someone in case you need help in the middle of the road. Make sure to have a tow truck or car service company number saved on your phone. Subscribe to a car repair shop that sends rescue whenever their members need help at night or in the day.


Being absolutely afraid to drive at night must never be a reason to abandon your car or your lifestyle. As cliché as this may sound, but you must face and conquer your fears. If you will not do anything, you can never get over your night driving phobia. But if you get yourself together and push your fears aside, you still have a fighting chance to beat your condition. Remember that anxiety can lose its strength in your life with positivity. So keep an optimistic mindset at all times, not just while driving at night, but throughout your daily existence.

BeatDrivingAnxiety.com highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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