Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

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Your fear of driving is crippling you in many ways. Maybe not in a physical manner, but it is a mental torture. You are limited of the places you can go to, and you constantly need to seek for means of transportation.It can get very frustrating, that is why you need to find an effective way to overcome your driving phobia.

Here is a post that talks about ‘hypnosis for fear of driving’. We hope this will help many out there!

How is fear of driving and instinct for safety related?

Rational thought is what keep you sane. But sensible thinking flies off the window when the symptoms of driving phobia start to manifest. When you start feeling queasy in your stomach, begin to sweat hard, and feel lightheaded, you are faced with a fight or flight response. And as human as you are, you usually opt for flight because you truly believe that you are in danger.

The truth is, your subconscious has a primal urge to protect you from any sign of danger. Your instinct will always alert you of unhealthy situations, and that actually saves you from getting harmed. Unfortunately, when you develop driving phobia, your mind is not acting normally. Your brain’s logical thinking is clouded with a misguided fear for your life, and so you get truly scared of driving.

Luckily for you, you can overcome this fear of driving through hypnosis. In this method, your brain is reconditioned to respond properly. And after a good session or two, you will surely discover that you are no longer afraid of driving cars.

What can hypnosis do for driving phobia?

Medical practitioners are leaning towards hypnosis as treatment for fear of driving, and they are succeeding. More and more people are getting their control back through this method, and there is no reason why you should not try it out. Let us look at a few ways that hypnosis can get rid of your driving phobia.

Mind re-education

Hypnosis is an effective technique to re-educate your mind that driving your car is a normal activity. It tells your subconscious that driving is not a threat to your existence, but rather a convenience that you need.With hypnosis, your mind learns to regard driving as a safe method of transportation to get to point B from point A.

Mental barrier breakdown

Your driving phobia is sometimes intensified by the fact that you keep on feeding your irrational thoughts. You already know that you have driving phobia, and you do nothing to get out of it. You keep making excuses not to drive, blaming traffic, road accident news, and other things. However, creating mental barriers just to avoid driving is not helping your condition in any way. The longer you postpone getting behind the wheel, the more your anxiety becomes. Luckily, hypnosis can efficiently break down all the mental barriers that you created.

Create new synapses

Your brain needs new synapses in order to build your confidence in driving, and hypnosis can do that for you. With hypnosis, your brain is told to let go of old thinking that driving is not good for you. Your brain will learn that driving is fun, and you are enjoying this activity. Hypnosis helps your mind create a new scenario which encourages you to drive daily, and not fear the process anymore.

What you can achieve with hypnosis

During the course of your hypnosis therapy, you will achieve the following good results:

  • You can finally relax with the thought of getting into your car and drive.
  • Eliminate the anxious feeling whenever you think about driving.
  • You gain the freedom to think about driving as a safe method to get around the city or town.
  • The negative thoughts about driving slowly fade away, and they are replaced with positive thinking.
  • After the hypnosis sessions, you can calmly get inside the driver’s seat and drive in a relaxed manner.
  • You can enjoy driving your car now without worrying about potential dangers that are far-fetched.
  • After months, even years of being afraid to drive, you can now feel that you are in total control of your vehicle.
  • Hypnosis allows you to smile behind the wheel and enjoy your ride.

Who can perform hypnosis for driving phobia?

Without a doubt, hypnosis is a successful technique to treat your phobia of driving. However, you need to be very careful in choosing the best hypnotherapist to guide you through overcoming your driving fear. Hypnosis is mainly done by psychotherapists, and they are licensed to do so. Choose only the most regarded hypnotherapist in your locality or nearby city to ensure you get the best treatment. Let us discuss how you can find the most suitable professional for your driving phobia.


If you know some people who had the same fear of driving as you, as for a referral for a hypnotherapist. It is always better to know someone who is treated by a practitioner before you go make an appointment.

Online search

You can also search online for hypnotherapists in your area. Check local hospitals or clinics, or you can opt for a doctor in the city or neighboring location.

Reviews and ratings

Once you have a list of practitioners, search for their profiles online and look at their ratings. See who is rated higher than others, and read their reviews. It is a no brainer, but choose the one doctor with the highest rating in the hypnosis field and with great reviews.

Take an appointment

When you have selected the perfect hypnotherapist, call for an appointment. But before you go for a visit, make sure that you have listed down what you believe caused your driving fear. You need to be clear about that with your doctor.


Hypnosis is becoming rapidly popular among people with driving phobia. It is a great method to condition your brain to accept driving as a safe act, and good for you.To make hypnosis utterly successful, make sure to see the most capable practitioner that you can find. highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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