How To Stop Panic Attacks While Driving?

How To Stop Panic Attacks While Driving? highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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As soon as you grow up, the idea of owning a license and a car seems perfect. You rush into adulthood and want to drive far away to a beautiful destination with your beloved. However, there are some people who get panic attacks while driving.

‘I stand behind my decision to panic.’

It is all in your mind that you might just crash into a bigger vehicle. Getting a panic attack is not healthy, but it is humane. Breathe!

You are terrified and fearful of driving because your mind thinks of all the negative things that could happen to you. Fair enough! The good news is that panic attacks can be treated efficiently.
Firstly, you must know whether it is a panic attack or something else. What are the reasons for getting a panic attack while driving? Please know that anxiety attacks and panic attacks are two different things.

Here’s an elaborate post that discusses the ways to stop panic attacks while driving. How to stop panic attacks while driving? Let’s find out through this post.

Make Peace with Fear

Being fearful is normal and driving is such an activity in which you have to be fully focused. A little bit of fear and anxiety is helpful because it makes your mind conscious and alert. This is a good start!

However, panic attacks while you are driving can be extremely dangerous. Why so? When a person gets a panic attacks, they would notice the following symptoms –

  • The heart starts racing
  • Chest pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling dizzy or getting a fainting sensation
  • Sweat
  • Getting chills
  • Intense fear

Now a panic attack is unpredictable. You can call it a ‘sudden episode’, but anxiety attacks is a reaction to a stressful situation or an external factor. It is short-lived as well. But, the panic attacks are unpredictable and unprovoked.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, driving will become difficult and close to impossible. Hold that thought! Let us be solution-focused and not problem-focused. Everything in this world can be tackled and fixed.

Why Are Panic Attacks Are Normal While Driving?

Not everyone gets a panic attack while driving, but there are some people who are experiencing this feeling. Why is it so?

  • You may be having panic attacks due to stress. On-road stress is normal because you fear running into another car. Being cautious is not a crime. It makes you responsible. Hence, fear makes you alert and more cautious about the dangers.
  • While driving, you may experience certain discomfort. There may be body ache, an increase in your heart rate, chest pain or a headache. These are general causes behind the panic attack.
  • The panic attack gets out of hand when you think about it. Over thinking can make the attack worse.

Keep reading to find out the tips to stop the panic attacks while driving. This will be helpful for you to move forward and drive without any fear and inhibitions.

Ways to Stop Panic Attacks While Driving

Let us talk about the solutions. This is our favourite part as we believe that one should be solution-focussed.

There’s no cure for panic attacks, but what you CAN DO is control it. Panic attacks are unpredictable and they can occur whenever. You do not know when it might just occur. However, if you feel that driving always gives you a panic attack then follow the below mentioned tips.

Keep the GPS on

Panic attack may be caused by the idea of getting lost. What happens when you keep the GPS on all the time? This way you will not get lost and will reach the destination without fail. GPS tells you the best route to avoid traffic and reach on time. When you ask for directions and follow the manual instructions, the stress can get to you. The stress can be the cause for panic attacks. Keep your phone charged, do not rely on manual directions and reach safely. This way your mind does not have to go through any kind of stress.

Bid adieu to distractions

Anything in this world can be a distraction. A phone call, the radio jockey, a honking car behind you, your pet beside you, or even your mail. Put the phone on silent and play some relaxing music. Do not get distracted by the jarring music playing in the background. Be at peace while you are driving as that gives you less stress. A sudden phone call can be distracting and you may end up hitting another car.

Face your fears

People fear of jumping from a height or falling in the sea. But, they still tag it as ‘adventure sports’ and do it anyway. This is because they face their fears. While you have a choice NOT to face your fear, but driving is an everyday ritual. Think about how it will make your transport easy. Just get in the car, breathe easy and drive. Perform yoga before starting as it eases your mind.

Exposure is important

You must make it a habit to drive every single day. Start with a shorter route. Go to the grocery store in your car and once you are comfortable with the idea of driving for extended periods, go on a long drive.

Note – Driving in a familiar zone can help. Take a friend along with you so that you do not feel fearful or stressed. In case the fear is that your driving skills are not as advanced, practice driving every day.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this post was helpful for you! Share it with your friends, family members and anyone who needs to read this. Panic attacks while driving may be common, but one can control their emotions. Prevention is the best cure and all the above-mentioned tips talk about the preventive tips.

Don’t get into trouble! Drive safely and be alert. highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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