How to Overcome Fear of Driving with Guided Meditation

Overcome Fear of Driving with Guided Meditation highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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The technological world is continuously advancing, and more and more modern cars are created. Car enthusiasts are extremely happy for every new car model that comes out. Car manufacturers earn more money, and everyone is happy. But the downside of having more cars on the road is the rise in traffic. The heavy traffic daily causes collision accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities. And with daily news reports about road accidents, the number of people acquiring the fear of driving grows in number. The good news is, there is an effective way on how to overcome fear of driving with guided meditation.

What is guided meditation?

A guided meditation is a method where you receive guidance from a trained practitioner, instructor, or teacher to achieve your goals. In this case, your aim is to get rid of your phobia in driving. You are given direction through popular media like audio recording, visual channel, verbal recording, audiovisual music, written texts, or a combination of some resources.Basically, you are guided on what to do in order to conquer your fear of driving.

Typically with driving phobia, you get a recorded narrative that involves a process to overcome your phobia. You can play this recording in your car while you drive to stay relax and calm on the road. And if panic sets in while driving, you can pull over, turn on your audio recording, and close your eyes. And then let your mind focus on your goal to eliminate your anxiety.

Why choose guided meditation?

As an ancient Eastern practice, guided meditation is highly regarded in the Western culture. It is known to be effective in driving away the fear to get behind the wheel ad maneuver a car. With this method, you are taught how to focus on the present situation, and not let your past or thoughts of the future cloud your mind. You are asked to concentrate on the road, your car, and to think positively. Your phobia mostly comes from the fear that you cannot control your engine and you get into an accident. You get so overwhelmed with fear that you are paralyzed.Negative thoughts come rushing to your brain and they are all bad thoughts.

With guided meditation, you are directed towards facing reality and letting go of irrational thoughts. That is the main reason why you need guided meditation to overcome your driving phobia. Because this ancient technique helps you see the truth clearly, and discard anything negative in your mind.

How meditation helps with driving phobia

When you are in a cognitive state where you are faced with the options to “fight or flight”, you often choose “flight” and not continue driving anymore. Your reaction is quite normal with your phobia in driving, but it is not an excuse to stop trying. With guided meditation, you have the chance to repair your mindset, and get you back on the road again.
With regular guided meditation, your brain’s neural pathways are reprogrammed in order to regulate your emotions. You get to sit back and see what triggers your fear, and deal with them. The irrational fear is brought out, and you are given the opportunity to distinguish between what is factitious and what is real. By learning how to figure out reality from imaginary, you can finally let go of your fear of driving.

How to make guided meditation work better

The main point of guided meditation is to make you face reality and discard irrational thoughts. It is all about focusing on what is in front of you instead of dwelling in the past or imagining a far-fetched future. To make guided meditation work better for you, you need to dig deeper and figure out the cause of your driving phobia.

There are so many reasons why driving is very stressful for many people. It could be due to a traumatic accident involving roads and cars, or a fatal accident where a family was involved. Whatever the cause of your driving phobia, you must have the courage to face it. Acknowledge your fears before you start engaging in guided meditation. By already knowing what triggers your anxiety, you can smoothly transition from being a scared driver to a confident one.

Guided meditation and positivity

Guided meditation will only work for you if you truly believe in its effectiveness. Create a positive mindset and allow yourself to come out of your shell and explore the world with driving. It is important that you combine guided meditation with a positive attitude, and in a daily basis, have a self-talk. Do not worry, you are not crazy if you talk to yourself. Motivate yourself by saying

  • “I like driving and I am confident of my driving skills.”
  • “Driving takes me to beautiful places, so I should love driving my car.”
  • “In driving to unfamiliar roads, my skill in driving is enhanced.”
  • “I can go on a joyride whenever I want to with someone special.”
  • “Driving gives me the freedom to live a good life and see new places.”

Instill those thoughts in your head daily until you gain a genuine positivity towards driving. Convince yourself of all the good things that driving can do for you. And never allow negativity to destroy what you work hard for.


When you are ready to move past your fear of driving, you can use guided meditation to achieve your goal. Choose the best guided meditation CD from a well-known meditation guru. Of course, choose one that is about driving phobia. Remember that there are many aspects of meditation and each narrative is designed for specific purposes, though there are some that has a general tone.

You can purchase guided meditation CDs online, download an app, or buy a book. Or, you can visit a meditation instructor in your area and join a physical guided meditation. You can purchase a CD from your teacher and play it while driving. highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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