How Not to be Afraid of Driving

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Driving phobia or ‘Vehophobia’ is a condition that is not easy to overcome, but not impossible to get rid of either. People believe that fearing is supposedly a bad start. We feel that fear is the only way you would be a responsible driver. However, you must get rid of your anxiety when driving in order to regain control of your life and the steering wheel. The journey is not easy to overcome such a phobia, but with sheer determination and will, you can achieve your goal.

Ways to stop driving phobia

There are a hundred ways how not to be afraid of driving, and some are more effective than others. Let us explore a couple of methods to be free from driving phobia.

Take trips with someone

If you have fear of driving, it is important to address it and not ignore it. Fear of driving usually happens when you have just learned how to drive. It is quite normal to be scared of the road, so take someone with you and go for a short trip. You do not have to take an expert driver, but someone who can talk to you and help you relax. Go on short joyrides, and increase your mileage as you ease into your driving. And when you are comfortable with driving with someone in the car, try to drive alone. Go on short distances first and gradually add more miles later on.

Practice driving at daylight

Everyone knows that driving at night is more dangerous than hitting the road at daylight. To ease your fear of driving, practice driving when the sun is up. Try low traffic areas first, then slowly transition into high traffic roads, and then go for a drive in the freeway. Do not force yourself to extend your limit, since that could lead to more stress. Ease into your driving slowly but surely. Give yourself time to recuperate from every anxious practice, and then gather yourself up and continue.

Plan ahead

Often, you are afraid to drive because you have no idea what to expect on the road. To avoid this anxiety trigger, you should plan ahead of time. Check how the road looks through researching in the internet, especially if you are going on an unfamiliar destination.Look for possible road scenarios and where you can get help. Find out if there is a police station nearby, or a gas station, or a diner. Plan your travel carefully so you have confidence of your safety.

Turn on the music

While driving, you can learn to relax by listening to soothing music. Music is good for you especially if you have fear of driving. Play your favorite music or something that is relaxing. However, it is best to stay clear from music that reminds you of a painful past. That can only trigger your negative emotions and phobia. So make sure to choose your music wisely.

Exposure therapy

You can engage in exposure therapy in order to stop being afraid of driving. This technique involves facing your fear and overcoming it slowly. You need to expose yourself to driving, and eventually as you go through the process, you stop having driving phobia. In this method, you start by driving in a small area without any other car. Then you move on to a non-crowded path that is longer than the first road. You then move on to longer roads with minimal traffic, and transition into busy roads with normal traffic. As your confidence level grows, so does the kind of road you drive through.


Meditation is a great technique to indulge in so you can gain clarity and balance in your life. It is in meditation where you can focus on getting rid of your fear of driving. You can train your mind to concentrate on what triggers your driving phobia, and to see the reality about your fears. Meditation is your solace when you are trembling in fear on the road, or feel nauseous due to alarming fear.It allows you to find peace and calmness in an impossible situation. When you meditate at least three times a week, you can help yourself be free from your fear of driving.

Positive affirmations

Utilize positive affirmations when you can feel the rise of panic when you drive. You can create your own statements, but they must be in par with the following:

• My fear is normal and in ten minutes it will disappear. And when my fear subsides, I will wonder why I gave it power over me.
• Driving phobia cannot kill me. But if I lose control of the car, I may have an accident. So I need to pull myself together and drive with confidence.
• I hate these stressful feelings. But they do not matter to me. They will pass very soon and I will be okay.
• I have conquered negativity before, and I have no trouble winning again right now.
• This is a temporary bout of fear. It will be over in a few minutes. I just need to stay positive.
• You are just a driving phobia. I am way stronger than you. I control you, and you do not control me.
• My driving fear is a challenge that I gladly accept. I can beat it one hundred percent.

Never underestimate the power of positive affirmations. They work for many people with the same driving fear as you.

Staying Sane While Driving

Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and consuming caffeine contributes to your anxiety when driving. Stay away from these triggers in order to help yourself eliminate your driving phobia. If you cannot survive without any of the three evils, at least do not indulge in them prior to driving. They are not good for your health, and they add to your restlessness behind the wheel.


Driving should be an exciting experience, and not something to be afraid of. Never lose hope that you can overcome your fear, because it is only in giving up that you truly lose. Once you have regained control of your emotions and thoughts, your life becomes more lively and worth living. highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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