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  • Overcome Fear of Driving with Guided Meditation

    How to Overcome Fear of Driving with Guided Meditation

    The technological world is continuously advancing, and more and more modern cars are created. Car enthusiasts are extremely happy for every new car model that comes out. Car manufacturers earn more money, and everyone is happy. But the downside of having more cars on the road is the rise in traffic. The heavy traffic daily […] More

  • How to Stay Relaxed When Driving

    How to Stay Relaxed When Driving

    Getting behind the wheel of your car and drive is easy when you are already an expert at maneuvering vehicles. It is an utter convenience to go to places without hailing a taxi, and bidding your own time. However, there are times when you feel uneasy when driving. Sometimes, you feel anxious while on the […] More

  • How To Stop Panic Attacks While Driving?

    How To Stop Panic Attacks While Driving?

    As soon as you grow up, the idea of owning a license and a car seems perfect. You rush into adulthood and want to drive far away to a beautiful destination with your beloved. However, there are some people who get panic attacks while driving. ‘I stand behind my decision to panic.’ It is all […] More

  • Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

    Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

    Your fear of driving is crippling you in many ways. Maybe not in a physical manner, but it is a mental torture. You are limited of the places you can go to, and you constantly need to seek for means of transportation.It can get very frustrating, that is why you need to find an effective […] More

  • Overcome Fear of Getting Lost While Driving

    How To Get Confidence In Driving

    It is apparent that every experienced driver must have started from somewhere. No one was born a driver because driving is a skill that must be learned in life and not intrinsic. However, getting used to the wheel at times gets hard because of phobia related to the first driving experience. It takes some time […] More

  • How Not to be Afraid of Driving

    How Not to be Afraid of Driving

    Driving phobia or ‘Vehophobia’ is a condition that is not easy to overcome, but not impossible to get rid of either. People believe that fearing is supposedly a bad start. We feel that fear is the only way you would be a responsible driver. However, you must get rid of your anxiety when driving in […] More

  • Overcome Fear of Learning to Drive

    8 Useful Nervous Driver Tips

    ‘Alert today – Alive the next day’ Some people would make fun of you for being fearful or nervous. Mocking is an old habit of certain people, and one should never pay heed to such comments and mockery. Driving is a responsible activity! We do not live on a racing track where there is a […] More