8 Useful Nervous Driver Tips

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‘Alert today – Alive the next day’

Some people would make fun of you for being fearful or nervous. Mocking is an old habit of certain people, and one should never pay heed to such comments and mockery. Driving is a responsible activity! We do not live on a racing track where there is a need for speed.

Being a nervous driver is not a crime! As per us, you should be careful on the road to avoid accidents and needless mishaps.

As a responsible driver, you must –

Stop, Listen and Look. Stop when there is a red light or a barricade. Listen to the sirens and horns behind you. Keep a close look at the road. While being nervous and fearful is a natural feeling, but it can be damaging for your experience. When you get nervous, you are not able to enjoy the experience.

Here is an elaborate post about nervous drivers. We have some tips for you! These are 8 Useful Nervous Driver Tips that will be helpful for gaining confidence.

Note – Don’t do it to prove yourself. Work on gaining confidence for yourself. Once you gain confidence, driving will become a fun activity. Let’s get started with the helpful post.

The 8 Nervous Driver Tips To Abide By

What’s the root cause?

Look at it from a psychologist’s perspective. She/he will tell you that a deep fear inside your heart is the cause behind the nervousness. It is possible that you had a painful history. We are surrounded by newspapers and news channels where we are constantly hearing about recent accidents and how one ran into a large truck.

Firstly, you must understand that fear is an emotion. It is not a fact! Your heart may fear, but you are alive and are reading this post within the comfort of your home or office. Your friends own cars and your father would pick you up from school in a car. Are they safe and sound? Driving is a normal activity and without facts, you have nothing to fear.

Soak up the Sun – Driving in Daylight

If you are nervous about driving in the night or in poor weather conditions, then start driving in daylight. As a beginner, it is best to take advantage of the bright sunshine outside.
Kick-start the car and go for a leisurely drive. You can start with the park near you or the movie theatre. Getting comfortable with driving is important. How does that happen? Practice driving in daylight.

Put On Your Favourite Song

Technology is fantastic! You can simply connect your phone to the car’s music system and hear your favourite song. This is a sure-shot way of putting your mind in a good state. When you are nervous, you get stressed out and think of all the negative aspects of driving.

Haven’t you seen movies? Girls going out for a drive, singing their heart out and donning a happy smile. But, you must focus on the road as well.

A Buddy Beside You

If you feel nervous driving alone, get a friend or your partner. You may even ask your brothers and sisters out for a drive. When you have someone with you, the confidence level increases. This is because your mind knows you are not alone. Sometimes, we may think that driving alone means we may lose the way or run into another car.

Everyone needs a companion to feel better! Whether it is life in general or driving, nervousness goes away with a partner by your side.

Not confidence? Join a course

If you do not feel confident enough, join a driving course. There are many out there! If you cannot afford the driving course, you can ask your friend or father/mother to teach you.

A specialized driving course will help you to gain confidence on road. They will take you for practice sessions and on crowded roads. They will prepare you for the worse! This is what you need to gain confidence and become an excellent driver. So, find a driving course near you and join it today!

Driving in Familiar Regions

Drive in familiar zones because that keeps your mind at peace. You do not have to ask for directions or fear that you may go in the wrong direction.

When there are no surprises, your mind will be at ease. You will no longer be nervous when you drive on familiar roads. This is because you know where the traffic lights are and whether the area has a well-developed road or not.

Using GPS for navigation

Some of the nervous drivers are fearful because they fear of losing directions. Thanks to technology – you can now use GPS for navigation.

GPS can also tell you about the blocked roads, traffic ahead and the shortest route. This way you will reach your destination safely. Now make sure that your phone has enough battery and a strong internet connection.

Staying Calm

Breathe in! Now, breathe out. This really helps a lot! Our suggestion would be to keep your phone on silent. When your phone starts ringing, your attention goes haywire.

You need to stay focused on one thing which is to drive carefully. Stay calm and do not let any distraction put you off the road. If you miss one call, it may not change your life. If you miss one turn, you could reach another city.

Let your parents and friends know that you are driving. They will understand the urgency and will not call you while you are driving.

Concluding Thoughts

Was this post helpful for you? If yes, share it with people who would benefit from this. Driving is an act that requires you to stay alert and conscious.

You want to reach home in one-piece. Nervousness is good as it makes you conscious. But, do not let nervousness be a barricade between you and the shiny car in the garage. Practice every day and stay sane while driving. highly recommends The Driving Fear Program to overcome your Driving Anxiety

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